One thought on “Stop the Presses! In Praise of Pan Toasties

  1. In the four years we have been involved in community repair [85 events], we have only seen three sandwiches makers. The very first repair event we went to Danny fixed a small one. It required some rewiring work where it had burnt out. We had not come across another one at a repair event until recently. Danny was not charged with fixing it however suggested the problem was probably a thermal fuse. The owner was going to source one. And last week, a person brought in one that had been humming loudly and tripping the circuit breaker at home. After pulling it apart, finding nothing much wrong and putting it back together, Danny managed to stop it humming and it did not trip the safety electrical device. This blog post was shared with an image of this sandwich maker being fixed, on our Facebook page at Mend It, Australia. Karen+Danny Ellis

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